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Straight Motherfuckers and Their Famous Friends

by Seán Barna and Paperhaus

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Straight Motherfuckers and Their Famous Friends was recorded in the living room of the legendary Paperhaus, with the band Paperhaus, on January 20, 2017, the day of Donald Trump’s poorly-attended Inauguration.


I don't think it's depression
I'm just honest, feathered, gone
I got my work cut out
You got your work cut out

I ain't seen the sky in a few months
But I have been sober for a few days
Unless you count, well,
You can't count that drive down from Colorado
Through Utah
You know the beer there is a little weaker
Until you get down to Arizona

Did you hear? They don't like faggots there
Or black motherfuckers
They shot 'em dead
Faggot motherfucker
She painted his nails red
He can burn

So fold your newspapers
There's not a goddamn thing we can do about it anyway
You know they are out on the streets
They are out on the streets
You know that faggot motherfucker — he’s out on the streets
And that black motherfucker — he is out on the streets

But he ain't got your job because his name ain't right
The people said he can't be trusted
And I'm white so I think maybe it isn't up to me
And I hate cops
But when I do, they don't think to kill me
I sometimes wish they would kill me
Because I am fake and I don't give a shit
Fuck me and my famous friends
What good is this voice now, anyway?

Today we asked our savior down from his perch
Of scorched earth
That straight motherfucker speaking my name
That straight motherfucker
That straight motherfucker
He brought his seven sins
Each deadly like a straight man’s whims
Taking one for his baby, another one for the road
Three for the man this wasteland chose
Four for the men standing at the door in their red hats
Five for the eight figure salary of our hope
Six for each of the million dying poor
Seven other ways they could have worked harder

These straight motherfuckers
All these straight motherfuckers

I just took your order
You could at least look me in the eye
You can say "hi" because I said, "hello"
I even smiled
I even smiled in 'the know'
I am some other places I would like to go
I haven't called my mother in days
And my brother's been dead for years
And we were just starting to make some progress

But anyway would you like some fries and maybe a salad
And the juice bar is just across the street
There's a juice bar just across the street
It's just across the street
You straight motherfucker
There's a juice bar just across the street
You straight motherfucker


released March 20, 2017
Written by: Seán Barna

Seán Barna: Vox/Acoustic
Alex Tebeleff: String Synth
Matt Dowling: Bass
Rick Irby: Drums
Conor Whelan: Electric Guitar

Engineered and Mixed by Rick Irby @ Haushaus
Mastered by Sarah Register



all rights reserved


Seán Barna New York

Seán Barna is a musician living in Brooklyn, NY. His debut LP, Pictures of an Exhibitionist, is due out 2017.

Seán has toured nationally and internationally, as a songwriter and as the drummer/percussionist. He is a regular performer with The Outlaw Roadshow, a music showcase curated by Adam Duritz of Counting Crows and Ryan Spaulding of music blog Ryan's Smashing Life.
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